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Why you should use Corten steel for your next architectural detail project.

Corten steel is popularly sought after for architectural cladding and as exterior feature facades, for its warm, rustic appearance. As one of the leading Corten steel fabricators in Australia, turn to Pierre Le Roux Design for all your project needs. We offer the best Corten cladding in Melbourne and Australia wide.


When rusted, Corten weathering steel develops a rich deep brown-red oxide surface through the use of alloy additions. The added alloys encourage a very dense layer to develop on the exposed surfaces, enough to protect the underlying metal structure from corroding.


When subjected to the influence of weather, the layer protecting the surface develops and regenerates continuously, delivering key benefits unique to Corten steel cladding including:

  • Corten steel panels do not require any treatment prior to installation
  • Corten panels do not require special maintenance

Complement your next project development in Melbourne, Australia or Internationally with Corten cladding panels that are timeless in aesthetics and low in maintenance. To learn the price of Corten steel, contact us today!

  • Create an architectural impact with Corten cladding and feature facades.

Pierre Le Roux Design uses 3mm hot rolled sheets and plates for Corten cladding projects in Melbourne, Australia. There are a number of fixing methods available when cladding in Corten steel and we work with the architect or designer to achieve the desired facade.


Folded Corten hat sections are suited to buildings which command a seamless design.

External fixings protruding from the face of the Corten steel panel, give a raw industrial feature to a facade. Concealed fixings using counter sunk screws & express joints.

Consider utilising Corten steel panels for a timeless, contemporary look.

The use of Corten steel in cladding projects presents several challenges. Ensuring that weld-points weather at the same rate as the other materials requires special wire and welding techniques. If water is allowed to accumulate in pockets, those areas will experience higher corrosion rates, so provision for drainage must be made. If you need Corten cladding in Melbourne, Australia choose Pierre Le Roux Design.


Corten steel is designed to rust naturally, therefore some run-off is expected that will stain surrounding surfaces. Staining can be inhibited if the structure can be designed with a gutter detail so that water does not drain from the steel onto concrete, for example, where stains would be visible.


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When you need Corten cladding in Melbourne, Australia, or any other type of decorative Corten steel product, call (+61) 3 9551 2642 to request a price quote from Pierre Le Roux Design.