Steel fabricated planters

Australian quality steel planters, pots and fire pits custom made to order.

PLR Design can custom design your planters made from Australian quality steel. Planter boxes are a popular and practical option for dressing up outdoor spaces. Cut and welded from Corten steel, Stainless Steel or Powder coated Aluminium to match any external surrounds. PLR Design’s planter range allows you the flexibility to create a subtle outdoor aesthetic element or a more decorative, eye-catching feature to add a touch of flair and opulence to your garden. All planters are custom made according to your specifications and can be fabricated with a folded top. Stainless Steel feet or legs can also be fixed onto the base of the planters.

Small corten planters
Corten steel small planters
Corten steel planters
Corten steel planters.
Corten fire pit bowl "Firebowl"
Corten fire pit bowl “Firebowl”
large corten planters
Corten planters in landscape garden.
Large corten pots in driveway front entrance to property.
6 mm corten planters in Richmond.
6 mm corten planters in Richmond.

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