Decorative Screens

Laser cut Decorative Metal Screens – Melbourne, Australia and international customers.

  Enhance your garden or property with stunning outdoor decorative screens and wall features – we offer the best when designing and manufacturing laser cut decorative metal screens, Pierre Le Roux Design chooses to use Corten steel for guaranteed quality.   What you can expect from our laser cut decorative outdoor screens:
  • Cut from Corten steel, Stainless Steel or powder coated aluminium
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Standard sizes include 2400mm x 1200mm or 1200mm x 800mm
A customisable decorative screen to suit your site specifications or applications. Choose on-site installation in Melbourne or we can send your laser cut screen anywhere Australia wide or internationally.

Decorative Garden Screens – Melbourne, Australia and international customers.

Popular for landscaping with its warm, rich textures, using Corten’s beautiful earthy hues for privacy garden screens seamlessly complements any environment.   Our range of elegant outdoor metal screens can be installed as freestanding decorative screens or to soften an unsightly view. If wall mounted, decorative metal screens can become a signature feature, adding a touch of aesthetic appeal to your property. Other applications for our laser cut screens include:
  • Fencing infill panels
  • Additional shade for a pergola
  • Wall Feature
  • light box
And more! Choose from our range of decorative metal screens, corten screens or request a custom look to perfectly complement your home or project today – we deliver quality decorative screens in Melbourne, Australia-wide and internationally! To acquire a beautifully laser cut screen for your home.

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