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Pierre Le Roux Design.

  • Laser cut, powder coated decorative Architectural screen for business.

Laser cut, powder coated decorative screen for business

Since 2003, Pierre Le Roux Design has been commissioned by Commercial, Residential and International clients, also working with various landscape designers, architects, developers and interior designers across Australia and overseas.


Pierre has an extensive portfolio creating work consisting of, steel sculptures, laser cut privacy screens, metal art pieces, quality architectural metalwork, and unique landscape features.

Pierre is a self-confessed perfectionist and is absolutely passionate about quality metalwork. His meticulous attention to detail is what stands him apart, where only seamless welding & the cleanest of finishes will do.


After trading for 15 years, a selection of our range of decorative screens, sculptures, mailboxes, planter boxes, mirrors, clocks and custom made pieces can be viewed in our Products & Services section of our website.