PLR Design are a Melbourne-based steel fabrication company specialising in laser cut privacy screens, steel sculptures, interior features and more for your home, garden or commercial project. Our extensive range of work includes decorative steel or aluminium fencing and gates, privacy screens, decorative doors, lighting features and unique metal art pieces.

We are meticulous when it comes to metal fabrication, welding and finishing, creating create stunning results in a wide array of materials, including corten and aluminium.

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All our metal art fabrication is in-house so we can build to meet the specific requirements of your residential or commercial project.

We work with private residents, interior designers, property developers and architects across Australia and internationally to provide our clients with unique, high-quality designs and products fabricated from Australian-made steel.

Precision Metal Art Fabrication

 PLR Design provides exceptional quality and an individual, customized service. Explore our portfolio of metal fabrication expertise and contact us today.

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